White vs Cream pebbled luxe leathers?

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  1. Does anyone have photos of the white pebbled luxe or the cream pebbled luxe? I searched and found a few cream pebbled (tma midi and lm mini) but no white... if anyone has a picture or review of either/both that would be appreciated!

    Also -- what hardware do you think work best for these? I'm really more of a silver gal -- would that look bad on cream or white pebbled?

    What about lining? I'm leaning towards light blue but I think that purple or dark blue might look really good as well...

  2. The cream looks really nice with the brass hardware. I can take a photo of the cream leather against the silver hardware from a different bag when I get home tonight/tomorrow when it's light.
  3. that would be great, thanks sgreg! Also how has the leather held up to use?

    merika, thanks for finding the white pic.. I just can't seem to find things when I search for them...
  4. It's fabulous. It has become more smoochy with use, just collapses in on itself now (unlike the black pebbled, which comes ultra smoochy already) and I love the texture of it. No dye transfer yet, but I have avoided wearing it with dark jeans.
  5. I think white looks good with silver and cream with brass....
  6. Something we agree on.
  7. thanks risingsun.. the gold hw on that looks very blingy to me.. but maybe it's because the LM has a lot of hardware on it.. I'm thinking the silver might be more subtle?
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    OK, I took a photo. The hardware are silver, gold and brass in that order. The indoor lighting made the color of the leather came out a bit more yellow than reality (also the right side is greenish for some reason), but unfortunately the weather is going to be lousy all weekend so this may be the best I can get for a while!
  9. Thank you SO much!
    I think that the silver looks pretty good with it :tup:

    (although the brass does look awesome)
  10. I'm normally a gold girl but I like both brass and silver with the cream! My taste must be changing because I'm finding myself going for silver hw more often!