White Twiggy Available at Barneys Manhasset!

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  1. I just got a call from Jackie, one of the SAs at Barneys Manhasset. They have the white twiggy available! I can't afford it right now unless I sell one of my bags, and I'm not ready to let go of the whiskey paddy.

    So, if anyone is looking for a white twiggy, call her now! The number is 516-627-5200, extension 1009 :nuts:
  2. Oh gosh! I was just talking to someone about it. OOooohhh, I gotta go find her!
  3. I've been to Barney's Manhasset. They had a large selection of B-bags when I was there about a month ago. It's a good place to call when you're hunting down a bag.