White Suhali arrived!

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  1. Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  2. You're funny Star. My husband is sitting next to me, reading these replies (as he was the one who helped me take and download the pictures - with the roll of the eyes, too).:biggrin:
  3. Simply gorgeous!!!! Enjoy it!!!! Thanks for posting pics!
  4. Stunning! It looks great on you!!! :smile: Congratulations!
  5. Wow, that is stunning! The shoes are beautiful, too. Congrats, it looks awesome on you! :nuts:
  6. You all are soooo nice :P and encouraging this ever growing addiction. Thanks a bunch for your support. It's nice knowing that I'm not alone.:lol:
  7. That is a really beautiful bag... lotsa luck! :smile:
  8. Prettttty!
  9. How gorgeous! I would kill for the same bag in the same color! *Reaches through monitor to steal*
  10. I love both items:love: I have the le tal in plum and it is such a great bag.....GREAT choice:biggrin:
  11. Wow, I'm so jealous!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Enjoy, it's a beauty :love: OOohhh, and the shoes too :love:
  12. Ohhhhh that's the exact bag I want next!!! It is gorgeous - enjoy :nuts:
  13. Gorgeous, the matching shoes are to die for ! ;)
  14. Wow! It's gorgeous. Will it be for special occasions or will you use it all of the time?
  15. Beautiful!! Enjoy your new bag!!