White Suhali arrived!


Feb 10, 2006
Hello everyone,
I tried to post phots of my new ourse, but was not able to secondary to the file being too large. Anyone have any pther suggestions. Apparenty, my pics were 671KG, and the max allowed is something like 244. Anyhow,I'm very pleased. Everything was superb, from the packaging to the final product. The color is gorgeous, it's a bone cream color, not stark white. Thanks for your advice!
You can try uploading pictures to imageshack.us, which is what I do. They have links you can copy and paste, and there is no limit to file size.

Congratulations on your white Suhali, isn't it divine? :smile:
Ooh I can't wait to see it! I also use a photo hosting site and they automatically resize your pics for you. It makes it really easy you just copy and paste.Also curious what ya got? :cry: V