White Spyyyyy!

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  1. Does anyone have a white spy?

    I tried looking on Saks and Neiman Marcus, but they dont have a white spy in stock.

    Can someone please post pictures of the bag?
  2. I have a white baulotto, the baby spy :P Are you looking to look at the color itself, or just how the white sits on the spy generally?
  3. both.. i love white
  4. Lemme go dig up my pics of the baby.... where did I put them? :hysteric:
  5. Fendi on 5th ave has the white wisteria spy. They just got them in. If you call or go, ask for Amanda. She is a great SA.
  6. Here's mine :heart:


    Styledrops still have some on their website
  7. ^^Wow beautiful!
  8. Thank you :yes: