white spot on caviar in red lipstick, normal or not?

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  1. I just receive my new mini 8" red lipstick today. It's seem to be a perfect one until I find a white spot on the front of the bag.
    Like this!!! is it normal?
    What do you think? Please help!




  2. I don't see anything ;-(
  3. It's common
  4. I dont see anything either..

    I think we tend to forget that leather comes from an animal and it goes through a tanning process. Not all pieces will be the same.

    I think your bag is just lovely. Enjoy wearing it :smile: Its a divine colour.
  5. After looking at your pictures, i honestly cannot see the white spot.

    Please stop fretting and enjoy your bag.

    It's lovely
  6. I can't see anything in the first picture, but I can in the zoom shots and those spots kind of creep me out a bit. Although honestly I think you can chalk them up to just being a variance in natural skins. Do you notice them when looking at your bag normally or do you see them only when closely scrutinizing it? Either way I'm afraid those spots would bother me once I noticed them, especially since they seem to be all over the bag. Can your SA find you another one?
  7. OMG STOP! That's just ridiculous that's so crazy what could they be......oh wait it's just a white minuscule spot. Meanwhile in other news....
  8. Im sorry your bag look fine . ladies most of you expect it to be beyond perfect its a bag lifes way too short to worry about each bag being perfect its a material item for us to use and enjoy.
  9. Don't see anything either. Just enjoy your purchase!!
  10. Thank you everyone. The spots are not that noticable (the dots are on the front that flap will covered half of it), I only noticed it under direct sunlight.

    l just so disappointed with poor quality.

    Still luckily,I don't found any crease problem.


  11. If you're disappointed, then return it. I think the white spot/poor caviar quality topic is a little beaten to death now. I stand by my view that leather is a natural product. It WILL have variations.
  12. ^+1.
  13. I see the white spots very clearly, I'm on an iPad, what kind of monitor does it take to not see those spots on pictures #3 and 4?

    I realize this topic has been brought up before but that doesn't make these spots less visible. The truth is that the red leather is defective and some of us try to justify these flaws for the love of Chanel.

    OP, to answer your question, is this normal? it shouldn't be but it is common on this batch of red bags. Who knows what it is, defective dye or sick cows, somebody screwed up and now they're selling these bags for $2,3,4,5k a pop. Our love for Chanel has no limits :shrugs: