white patent reissue- easy mantainance??

  1. im thinking of getting a white patent reissue in 226. just worried if it's easy to maintain as i can be quite careless with my stuff. does it turn yellow after a while?? Thank you all if u could help me;)
  2. ^I wanted a white patent reissue too.. But I'm afraid of it getting yellow too.. Any comments from white patent reissue owners?!
  3. mine is holding up pretty good.
    i haven't seen any yellowing. i have other bags with white patent and they are fine too. i suppose i do take more care of my white bags, but that is just b/c they are white!

    it is a beautiful bag! i love mine!
  4. I take the best of care of my bags and I have had some yellowing on white patent (gucci and dior). I was told at Dior by a SA that over time the glue turns which causes a reaction and the UV rays can turn the white and yellow it.
    The bags I had it happen to are from the early 1990 collections of Gucci and Dior.

    Good Luck!!:smile: