White padlock on a grey paddy??

  1. No likey!
  2. Not into it.
  3. the white is so stark. i dont likey either.
  4. i saw that too. i was so bummed because i really want a grey bag...
  5. Nope. Reminds me of a bad French Manicure :wtf:

    Leather's not too great on that one either.
  6. I don't like it...
  7. :roflmfao:

  8. how weird!
  9. Interesting... don't like!
  10. I saw IRL at the Chloe boutique in NY and they look really really strange - to me, like a bad fake except - they're real! Why mess with a good thing? :confused1: (And all I could think is how bad that was going to look when the inevitable chip came in the hardware)
  11. :yucky: Looks cheap.
  12. Yuck. Do you think they are trying to find a way to make the padlocks hold up better to wear, we've been through the bronze color, silver color, now white--none seem to do that well. You would figure they could find something--
  13. I saw those too. I thought maybe they were fake at first. I don't like them either. I do like the silver and black padlocks, though. (I actually do not even have the traditional brass padlock Paddy in my collection yet...but there's one on its way to me right now from Aloha Rag!) :yahoo:
  14. Ooh! Which one, which one?!