White owners, especially 07 with GH, do jeans rub off on them?

  1. I heard from my SA that some jeans will rub off on the white ones and leave slight blue stain behind on the bag.

    Is this true?
  2. Yes! Mine did that. Just be careful.
    My red t shirt rub off on it too.
  3. This is true for any light-colored leather (Louis Vuitton always put a little booklet in their items indicating as such and how to clean it). This (and the fact that I'm a SLOB and manage to spill things) is the reason why I don't buy White handbags!
  4. Three, no less than 3 light coats of Apple Guard when you get it. Then onnce a month if you use it every day. That should keep it on the surface and it wipes right off with a paper towel. :smile:
  5. ^^ Good advice. I had a pale pink hobo and was shocked the first time this happened. I noticed it after a long day of Christmas shopping... that combined with the Scrooges out on the road really bummed me out that day :sad:
  6. I had no idea. I have only one other white handbag - a white LV LeFab, and I have never had a problem with dye transfer with that. I am so glad that I read this thread - I have to buy some Apple Guard! I'll google Apple Guard and order some right now. Thanks Powder!
  7. thanks all for the answers~!