White Multicolor - when to use?

  1. Do you/would you carry a White Multicolor only in the spring and summer? I typically don't want bags I can't carry all year round if I so desire, but I love the LV white Multi. What are the experts' opinions? ;)
  2. I have both black and white mc bags, and I find that I only use my white mc during summer when the sun is out. But my black mc I have used throughout the entire year (we have 4 seasons here btw) :smile:
  3. IMO, I don't think the white MC is just for spring/summer. For me, I like bags that you can carry year-round, too. I tend to rotate my bags on a regular basis, as well as with what I'm wearing.

    Personally, I think I'll be wearing my Azur Speedy & white MC Speedy numerous times with my cream wool coat this coming winter!
  4. Thanks, Ladies, for your input. BTW I live in California, so the winters aren't 'real' winters :smile:
  5. I live in California too. I carried my MC at a wedding one time during the winter. I wear my MC bag all seasons, just depends on my mood and outfits. :smile:
  6. I tend to only use my white MC speedy in the summer months....
  7. I use it year round along with my black mc.
  8. I carry mine almost year, besides the raining months. MC always looks great.
  9. i use mine year round :biggrin:
  10. I plan to carry mine year round!
  11. I carry my White MC bags ALL year around.

    I paid to much for those bags just to be carried on a specific season.
  12. Indeed! My thoughts exactly! I just wanted to hear some opinions. Seems like Both sides of the issue are well represented.
  13. I too am a "year rounder". I match my MC White Shirley to my outfits more than the season.
  14. If your in Cali I say go for it I don't think you should limit it to just summer.
  15. i use my MC white all year around.... he he