White Legacy Leather Question

  1. I have an Ali in black and during the PCE bought the Ali in white. I noticed that the white legacy leather seemed much more like (in texture) the whiskey than the black. The black leather seems smoother and almost tougher than the white and whiskey. Anyone else notice this on their white bag? I'm not saying the leather is any thinner, it just has a totally different texture.
  2. Funny you should say that because during the last PCE I bought the white legacy satchel because I felt the leather was the least texturized of the 3 color choices available at the time...white, black and whiskey. Of all the black satchels I have seen, the leather has looked 'crinkled' and the white has looked the most smooth...in my opinion.
  3. Maybe that's part of the legacy leather - each one is unique despite the color or style?
  4. Didn't someone say some of the Legacy bags have vintage leather?? I'd get the crinkly, distressed leather. I love the way it looks as it ages - gorgeous. I think it gives the bag character and it looks beautiful if you take care of it properly!!!!