white jumbo with silver hardware at NM anywhere?

  1. Like a few of you, I am stressing out today wondering what in the world i need to get, lol. I am looking towards a white jumbo with silver hardware but would like to purchase it at NM since I have a $300 gift card there. every little bit counts! any tips on ordering from a certain store to not get charged on tax? I'm on california, by the way. thanks in advance!
  2. You can try NM at Palo Alto, I think I saw one there a week or so ago. Here is the number and contact SA that u can call: Haddy Lau 650-329-3300 or her cell# 650-430-1233. Just tell her Karen refer you.:smile:

    Good Luck!
  3. Hey, I think a saw one on eBay with personalshoppers (I believe this seller is mentioned on tpf as a seller of authentics). Anyway, not sure if it will be under retail price, I think they sell above sometimes, so maybe using your gift certificate at NM is perhaps better...
  4. I saw this bag at Chanel in Short Hills mall in NJ, sorry but I have not seen it in NM. It's such a pretty bag!

    Or you can try calling Hirshleifers in Long Island, they ship to me tax free (im in nj), maybe they ship to Ca. tax free too?
  5. My SA from NM Dallas downtown just called me, she just got one in today, she also has the jumbo with the gold chain!
  6. Chanel in San Francisco had it in SH and GH, but I only saw it in GH at NM
  7. thanks everyone, i decided on the medium white flap instead.