White handbag in autumn/winter??

  1. Wasn't able to find another thread to ask: is it truly finally acceptable to use a white handbag in winter??

    Does it depend on whether or not you accessorize it with a scarf around the handle or is it a go-ahead no matter what?
  2. I would carry a white bag any time of the year if it matched my outfit. I could see a white bag on a white parka in winter. The only thing I would consider when carrying a white bag is whether it is a winter style bag. I would not carry a white straw bag in winter, but I would carry a satchel, hobo, duffel bag, etc
  3. I carry all color purses, all times of the year. The rule of white before/after Labor/Memorial day is out!
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking, but I wasn't sure if the 'rule' had changed again.

    It is a tote-type bag and is roomy enough for everything I could possibly need-- at any time of year.

  5. whenever i think about the "no white after labor day" rule, i always think of that movie Serial Mom, with Kathleen Turner and Ricki Lake. .... and how she killed some woman becuase she was wearing white shoes after labor day. chill Kathy, its not that serious. LOL

    also, i dont agree with it either. as long as you look good, who cares what time of year it is!!:yahoo:
  6. I live back east. I think the rule still applies. You don't see very many white bags out from Nov-Mar...at least in my part of NY. Luckily there's winter white
  7. I would say that white -- and esp. winter white -- goes all year around...I personally love to see off-white bags in winter. They look really clean and chic!
  8. I've carried a 'Winter White" (winter white = cream/off white) bag in Winter. I usually carry my stark bright white bags in the summertime.
  9. I def. carry white after labor day!
  10. White is acceptable all times of the year. However I do agree on the straw comment. If it looks like summer, I wouldn't wear it.
  11. It's totally acceptable, only if it's leather though.
  12. I used to have a canvas white (that was the color, it was leather, not canvas) MBMJ bag which I used during the winter. I don't know if I would use something stark white though, it might look a little summery.
  13. ITA! And I don't even own a white bag. But I do find them totally acceptable to wear in the Winter.
  14. I would wear a winter white, but not a stark white. However, if you live in a colder winter area it can be pretty scary to wear anything light colored around all the dirt, slush and salt.
  15. Why not? We welcome any winter white, off white & creamy white colors for Fall/Winter seasons as long as the whiter bags match to the outfit.