White gold love question

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  1. Hi, can diamond white gold love owners comment on how the bracelet wears with time? Particularly how long does one wear before needing rhodium dipping again? My concern lies in the obligatory polish before the re-dipping. Also, does it show scratches more than the gold love does?
    And do those of you with the non diamond white gold love prefer that it's not rhodium plated?
  2. I have the 4 diamond WG but I’ve only had this one around 6 months. It’s actually held up really well and the scratches are only noticeable if you look really closely. My other LOVE is the PG rainbow. I’ve had it longer but I don’t think the WG scratches more. I’ve had other LOVE’s (plain PG and rainbow WG) and overall I’ve found that the scratches on the plain RG were most noticeable, but probably because the stones on the others detract from noticing any scratching. From what I’ve been told by my SA, the rhodium plating lasts several years. My bf has the plain WG (so no plating) and the color he not held up as well as her diamond WG. So I definitely think if you’re going to go with WG, you should get one with stones so it has the rhodium plating. But that’s IMO. Good luck with your purchase!
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  3. I’ll add that I just got the white gold non diamond a month ago, I got it rhodium plated at cartier for 200 dollars, I just feel the brighter color looks better on me. So far so good! Love it!
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  4. I did the same with my plain WG. I love the way it looks now and its wearing very well. I didn't care for the dull stainless steel look of the non plated.

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  5. Thank you all. Your comments were very helpful!
  6. Gasdoc87, can you post a pic, would love to see...
  7. Sorry for the delay in reply here ya go!

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  8. Gorgeous! Thank you!
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    I had wg love with 4 diamonds and sold it without regrets. My main cons for wg, it gets really quickly scratched, becomes dull, not shiny (in comparison with the yg of the same age which is even scratched shines like crazy),
    plus gets slightly darker. Another big minus, when it gets rhodium plated indeed a thing layer of gold is taken off, later I could see the difference in comparison with my other love, it became slightly thinner. Another huge minus personally for me, after the rhodium plating service at Cartier the edges of mine became visibly round even I was specially asking them to keep bracelet in the original shape! but apparently it’s not possible.
    I think it’s a personal preference though. For me, I’m really happy I switched to the yellow gold.
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  10. Good to know. I appreciate you sharing your experience and your honest feedback.
  11. I’m happy to be a bit helpful:smile: Good luck with your decision in any case! I wish I was reading more reviews before I bought my wg love (it was an expensive lesson to learn).
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  12. Also, do you think the WG love gets quickly scratched relative to YG or do you think it just shows the scratches more easily? TIA
  13. I thought the 4 diamond WG comes rhodium plated as standard and thus it is the original shape?
    And were you referring to the colour being dull even with rhodium plating? I understand without rhodium plating it does look dull, but not so with the plating?
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