White? GGH Part-time on smart bargains

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  1. when i saw this thread i freaked. thank god i got it for less at the nm sale. thanks anyways.
  2. It is gorgeous, but I think they inflated the supposed "original" price. I thought the giant part time was $1595 or $1695.
  3. i have a work in the same color and hardware! it's gorgeous in real life..somebody should scoop this up.
  4. I saw that the price was inflated. Maybe if someone really wants it they can ask for a correction of the price and see if they will give the same percentage off? I know some folks have done that with bluefly. I was interested but I think i like the silver hardware combo. Hope someone get's it. It looks like there's another bag there. Not too familiar with bbag colors since i'm a newbie. It looks like a pine green color. Here's the link http://www.smartbargains.com/go.sb?pagename=prod&fd=true&fcloc=search&sp=All%2BProducts%252f%252f%252f%252fUserSearch%253d%257c%257c%257c%257c%257c%252f%252f%252f%252fWomen's%2BAccessories%2BBargains%252f%252f%252f%252fHandbags%252f%252f%252f%252fAttribSelect%253dBrand%253d'Balenciaga'%252f%252f%252f%252f&dk=Handbags&deptid=11&catid=316&prodid=1111478174&t=Cat-Refine.dept-11.cat-316.prod.5