white chiffon little stam?

  1. hey ladies,

    I was wondering if anyone of you has seen a baby stam in white chiffon IRL?
    ( or was there even an ivory? )
    I only saw the ivory/phyton one which I don't like.

    x L
  2. Bag.lover will know..lol..she is the all knowing..all seeing Mj bag gal!
  3. According to Look Books at MJ boutiques, Little Stam comes in White Chiffon (Resort 06) and Ivory (S/S 07).
  4. LOL. I have to start learning other brands too, I still can't get the sizes right for the various flaps. =)
  5. LOL! ^you are the PF's MJ PRO!
  6. No doubt! bag.lover should be on MJ's payroll :lol: ... and receive plentiful "samples"...that would be just dreamy...sigh
  7. ^AND share her employee discount with us...ROFL

  8. hey thanks for your answer.
    I remember seeing a picture but it was just one of these online shops so i dont know what it exactly be IRL.

    what do you think?

    I'm considering between mouse and one of the "light"colours such as ivory or white chiffon...
  9. anyone knows?
  10. Sounds nice! I wish! LOL.
    I would share the employee discount with the ladies here too. =)
  11. Color/style really depend on the individual. I personally don't like MJ's quilted colors such as mouse/taupe, others find them easy to match with any outfit. White Chiffon and Ivory are my favorite colors for the quilted styles in Resort 06 and S/S 07 respectively; they are soft and feminine, I love them. If you don't mind light colors, Ivory and White are both lovely.

  12. thx- actually i dont mind lighter colours.
    as i would love to get the little stam in ivory or white chiffon. but i havent seen it yet so i was wondering if someone got one of them