White CDC Cuff

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm currently looking for a CDC Cuff for my mom's birthday present. Do the stores still sell the white one? I know that online they have the other colors but not white. Is white just harder to find in general? Sorry that I'm so clueless. =(
    Otherwise, do you know where I can possibly find a white CDC Cuff online? I've been looking through all the reputable sellers and can't seem to find a white one yet.

    Thank you so much in advance!!!!!
  2. My SA told me a few months ago that Hermes is no longer making the CDC in white. I was a bit skeptical since H.com was still selling it up till recently, but if you are having trouble locating one maybe she was right. I'm sure if you call a store they can do a search for you. Good luck!
  3. What? Why would they stop making the white CDC? I think its a great combo! Sorry I have no clue where you can find a white CDC BubblyPeach.:flowers:
  4. The Beverly Hill Store has a white CDC with silver HW, but that was yesterday...You can give them a call tomorrow and see if they still have it. Good Luck!!!
  5. That's what I thought too! Hopefully she was wrong...
  6. Ouija--I have always wanted a white one and tried one on a few months ago. Now hearing that it may be discontinued makes me want to run out and get one. Aaargh!!!

    Bubbly--GL finding one for your mom!
  7. Bubbly, a few weeks ago they had a couple in Madrid. They had one last week in Athens as well. Good luck
  8. I saw one with silver HW in SF about 2 weeks ago. Not sure if its still there but good luck!
  9. omg, really? dang! this is my grail! (along with the all-black one if ever the PVD hardware is made into a CDC).

    must save money now.
  10. Thank you so SO so much for all your lovely replies. I better start calling now.
    I've only been a member for a day, but i think i love it here already. hahaha
  11. Allan, RG, I really really hope my SA was wrong then! Note that she also told me that bougainvillier was NOT available for Kellys or Birkins, and obviously that's incorrect. Allan, an all black CDC would be incredible!
  12. The Charlotte, NC store had one yesterday .. Epsom with PHW. If you contact them, speak with Darra.
  13. What great help you're getting OP. I am sure you will track one down. If Darra's is sold, I am sure she will help you find one.
  14. As of last night, the white CDC was still there, good luck!
  15. San Francisco had white with both hardwares last week.

    Tried both on. Had thought it was my grail. Might have to try again in the summer when I have a little more color or it may be one of those things I love but have to appreciate on others, like rileygirl and allan. I know you two could rock that color.