White Caviar Classic Flap

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America just received one medium sized classic flap in white caviar with silver hardware. It retails for $1995, pre-price increase in September.
    White Caviar A01112.JPG
  2. Oh I LOVE this bag.
    Wish I had a fatter bank account.
  3. Wow I'm stupid. I thought the only Nordstroms that carries Chanel is in Seattle. Man... :love: it's gorgeous. But I have to get my GST, etc. first!
  4. THE perfect summer bag!! :love: :love: :love:
  5. I have this bag and I love it to death!! you can dress it up and dress it down. its so feminine..
  6. Am on the waiting list for one from Saks... cos I have to pay sales tax for Nordstrom.... else will definitely get it from u, Chanelboy
  7. beautiful!
  8. pretty!
  9. hello Chanelboy,
    thanks for posting .... very nice... but do you have it in other color besides blk and white?

  10. Me too...this was my first Chanel and I love it - had it out on Tuesday. It is a very easy bag to wear with jeans or dressed up.:yes:
  11. Ooh, that's one of my dream bags! :girlsigh:

  12. We also have beige and brown.
  13. Oohh.... do you by any chance have any Jumbo Caviar flaps in white or ?dark white>?? Thanks!!
  14. We do not at the moment, but will receive the Jumbo caviar in white in about one month.
  15. what a classic style! wish i had the extra money for this bag.:sad: