White Birkin 30cm with GH...???

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  1. Please give me some input on this. I need help~:p!

    I never thought I would even want a white Birkin. I am so afraid of getting it dirty in a second. So, I even passed on Rose dragee Birkin before the same reason....until I was offered and saw a white epsom Birkin 30cm with GH in real lifeeeeeee:heart::nuts:! It is indeed stunning gorgeous!

    How many of you would pass or get it? Of course my DH is enabling me BIG time as I don't have any white Birkin. He thinks white with GH is beautiful combination. But I want to be careful with my decision.

    Please put yourself in my shoes, and give me some thoughts what you would do if you were me.... Thanks~!:balloon:
  2. no second thoughts... if I were you (only in my dreams btw) I would snap it up in a SECOND. heck, not even a second, a milisecond!!

    White with GH...what can be more perfect?!! get it aspen!!
  3. GET

    Aspen, you dear sweet thing...you are not going to get this bag dirty!!!! Dirty is, well different. I can tell from your pics that,.......

    well, lets just say that for me dirty is horse poo, and goats, five dogs, red cinder, teenagers with burgers and tacos in the back seat, and well....DIRT.

    There was a post a while back saying that white can be cleaned very well, and refreshed if need be, as it is a paint more than a dye....You can check with your SA to be sure, but, if anyone needs a white birkin, it is you!!!

  4. GH!! white with GH!!!!

  5. I have seen a White Kelly with Gold hardware on DISPLAY ONLY :push: in the Hermes Store here.

    It's absolutely breath-taking!! I can see it sprucing up summer outifts and Winter White is just sooooo elegant!
    Since you have more than enough bags to rotate, and White with GOLD hardware is the dreamiest combi ever, I'd say GO FOR IT!:tup:
  6. Hi Aspen, you should get the bag! You deserve it and will treat it well! It sounds like an amazing combo, I have only seen the white with Pall hardware and that was TDF.:tup: Good luck with your decision!x
  7. Hrm, I'm not a fan of GH. I only have one Birkin with GH (Potiron Chevre) in my collection. Most of my Birkins have PH.

    White can be stunning but you need to be extra careful with it. If you are not a type of person who like to see dirt/marks on your bag, I think you have to think carefully before buying.

    No point if you buy the bag and just let it sit in your closet because you are too afraid of using it.
  8. i have a white kelly with phw and i love it so much. my SA says that hermes can repaint it white again since white is the only color that hermes "paints" on leather. please confirm with your SA. if so, this could solve your dirt fear. i am still careful but i think i'd be that way with all my h bags.

    get it if you love it and can't stop thinking about it.
  9. ok here are my two fils
    1.) i loove white (no wonder look how i dress lol)
    2.) white and gold is so classic so french so ...perfect and rarer than white with phw
    3.) it is epsom which means it is not only a real white (clemence looks dull) but it has some sheen and sue to the natur of epsom (as i said a year ago) it can be easily cleaned should something happen just wipe it down with a soft cloth.

    conclusion : pass on it and give me the number of your sa :nuts:
  10. Lilach, hilarious!

    But truly, if you want to give white a spin, epsom is a good choice, no?????
  11. Thank you for your thoughts, my friends~! You guys are just wonderful!!!
  12. I LOVEEEEEEEE YOU, lilach! I really missed your posting on the board! I am very glad to see you again!:heart:
  13. oh thanks honey love you too [​IMG] good to be back
  14. Hi Aspen-

    I think your decision should be based on your lifestyle.
    1) When will you use it?
    2) Do you have little ones that like to check out what's inside your bag? Or put things inside your bag?

    Personally, while my answer to #1 is "I can always find an occasion to use it!" My answer to question #2 gives me pause.

    I have been offered white bags so many times - lindys, birkins, kellys, etc.... and have turned them all down. My SA doesn't even bother anymore after having met my kids. :wtf:

    However, I do have a white bag, just not H so when it gets dirty, it won't hurt so much. :p This is not to say that I will never buy an H white bag. I'll just wait till my DD and DS are slightly older and don't want to mess with my bags... :graucho:
  15. I'd grab it in a heartbeat, Aspen!! I SO want a white Hermes bag someday - perfect in epsom, and even better with gold!!