white/beige nails

  1. So I'm currently sporting white (OPI Alpine Snow) nails and I am loving it!! Beige is really in right now also, anyone know any good Beige polishes? Thanks!!
  2. OT but I love LOVE white nails! not stark white, but a warmer, yet subtle white, I think its very classy. I know for olive skin tones, coral is in, but I love white!
  3. wow that sounds nice esp as a french manicure: the beige with white tips
  4. ^ Good idea!!! Now I really need to find a nice beige!
    I love the white too aarti!!
  5. I use one by Milani called Creme Brulee. It's a very nice beige and is perfect for french manicures!
  6. Essie mademoiselle is a pinky beige. Its blah in the bottle, but so pretty on.
  7. Let's see pics!!
  8. OPI Samoan Sand -- a classic light beige! I think it just won an "award" for best beige by Allure magazine. It's so pretty and can also be used with French manicures.
  9. Oooo they all sound good, I'll have to check them out!! Thanks!
  10. Oooh. Beige sounds fab!

    I think I'll get a beige french mani at my next mani outing! :biggrin:
  11. I'm wearing O.P.I. Swedish Nude and I'm loving it. It's a cross between beige and white. It's gorge!

    Lippman Collections - You can leave your hat on

    (gorgeous beige w/ micro golden flecks)
  13. wow great...I gotta try some of these out. I've been trying to find the right shade for so long
  14. I second that!
  15. Third! Lippman has some amazing colors :graucho: