White Balenciaga owners

  1. I'm thinking about getting the CITY in white, but I am afraid it might get dirty fast. For those who own the white, is it hard to maintain? Do you regreat getting it in white? Do you need to clean it often?

    I hate to spend my money on a white bag that is going to get dirty after a month. What do you girls think?? Should i get white or am i better off getting it in a color? There are so many pretty colors I don't even know which to get... I WANT THEM ALL:confused1: :p
  2. i have a white twiggy. it has a few signs of wear on the back but no real signs "dirt" i don't think.

    but i rarely use it, so i guess i can't comment on how they hold up on an every day basis.
  3. I have a White City and while I DO regret getting it, I have never even used it yet so I can't comment on how well it holds up .... if I thought I could get my money back I would sell it, but probably not going to happen.

    Oh and the reason I regret it is that it just isn't WHITE enough for me :p
  4. I bought a white Twiggy last year and used it on and off all summer, and it looks as good as new. I sprayed it with AG protectant prior to using it. A white Balenciaga is a fabulous summer bag IMO. Here's a pic of my beauty!
  5. sorry for the huge pic .... I can't seem to edit it....