White Bag- Please help me decide! Poll


Which White Bag?

  1. White TWIGGY

  2. White Giant DAY

  3. White Giant HOBO

  4. Curb my appetite and skip white altogether!

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  1. Hi People,

    I'm taking the plunge again. This time a white bag for summer! :yes: Even though I realize white bags get dirty fast, bBags might yellow, the handles will go first,...etc., there's nothing hotter than a white bag in hot weather! :wlae: Besides, I have SO many handbags, each one don't get that much use to show wear and tear. Since I made a return to BalNY, I have some credity there.

    Since I'm a new TWIGGY convert, I love the size, it's perfect for my everyday needs. But I don't yet have anything in Giant. So that got me thinking as well. What should I get? Would a DAY be too big? Would HOBO be too wide? Another TWIGGY even though I just got the ANTHRACITE one? Ahhhh....

    Maybe I should just hang on to my credit and curb this white bag altogether!

    I value your opinions, PLEASE HELP!!!!
  2. i voted for the twiggy, because you said it's the style that's perfect for your everyday needs. but i wanted to actually vote twice, LOL, so i can vote for the white GH hobo, too. :smile:
    i think since it's a white bag, getting it in a shoulder bag style would help keep it cleaner and you can avoid from that dreaded dirty/darkened handles thing altogether... although the twiggy also has the shoulder strap that you can use, the cute handles are tempting and i'm sure you won't be able to resist carrying it by hand. hehe.
    also, hobos in general are rounded and don't have squared corners that stick out, so the edges are usually cleaner on hobos.
    but whatever you decide, you will love it! i think balenciagas really look beautiful in white!
  3. I agree...the Day looks so pretty in white and might be the easiest of your choices to keep clean!
  4. i have one white day and one in calcaire (would seem white in passing), and i absolutely love them. whether or not you decide to fill up the bag it looks awesome. i actually prefer not filling it up that much because the bag slouches and hangs in such a nice way. they work for anything. the twiggy might be on the small side for an everyday bag.
  5. I vote GH Hobo! That style is AWESOME and can go dressy or casual! CONGRATS on a new Bbags and let us know what YOU decide!
  6. I voted for the white Twiggy because I love white with RH. GH looks awesome with white as well but RH with white is edgy. I love the Day in white with RH.......it's on my not updated wishlist.
  7. whatever style you decide, I would recommend you pick out White in person if possible-the shades of white vary a lot - speaking from a very costly experience :push:

    Oh, and I pick either Twiggy or GH Hobo :yes:
  8. i prefer the white giant day....
  9. I agree with these choices and with queenV about the the shades of white. Some are grayish, some more ivory, creamy and paper white. Depending on what you want, be very specific or pick them out in person.
  10. Thank you for your insightful tip. I will pay special attention to the white color.

    As I will depend on my SA at BalNY (Daisy)- I live in California. I will insist on a CREAMY white, otherwise I'll entertain the idea of getting a Natural one. :p

    I still haven't decided yet. I give myself until Monday and sleep on it over the weekend.
  11. The Twiggy gets my vote because the size is great for day or night.
  12. yay, i'm so happy you're going for a white b-bag girl!!! :yahoo:...confession time here, i just bought a white courier @ "Barney's" yesterday :p...the leather was so delicious, i couldn't resist & since i don't have any light-colored bags (since my new white GH city was too heavy for me), i decided to take the plunge...since you love the twiggy style, i'd go for that, i think twiggy's look totally hot in white :heart:
  13. Go for the day since u have the twiggy styles but in different colors.....it's a good size and shape for everyday use as well...;)
  14. I voted for the Twiggy!! I have the white city LOVE IT!
    And, I have the Vert Gazon Twiggy - LOVE IT! You can have the best of both!!
  15. WOW... when I voted for white Twiggy, I thought I would be the minority!

    I think White is divine in most styles... and the Twiggy definately looks amazing in white!