whipsnake tote on sale

  1. Hey all,
    There is a whipsnake tote on sale at Nordstroms in topanga.
    Its marked down from 3640.00 to 1300.00.
    I don't remember the number but its in Woodland hills, CA. Ask for Richard, he's very helpful.
  2. I am not familiar with this Chloe-- what is a whipsnake tote???
  3. Go to traceyross.com, they have a picture.
  4. I saw it. Loved it, but can't afford it. Too bad though.
  5. Oh Yeah, that was the one on my thread
    Help! Silverado Tote or Hobo?
    I bought this one and passed on the Hobo, but not at Topanga!
    It's Anaconda and it's so soft and beautiful!
    Photos soon!
  6. Congrats on that bag justonemore. It's really cute in person and very lite. Did you get a good deal on it.
    I can't believe the amazing deals that are out on chloe bags right now:nuts:. It will get a girl in alot of trouble!!!
  7. Thanks ali! I got the deal you quoted, purchased at Nordstrom SCP! The price was just crazy!
    Oh, I am in major trouble - I keep saying purse ban is in effect, and then along comes this bag for 60% plus discount!
  8. Your welcome;), Glad to see someone from the forum get that fabulous deal:yahoo:. I know what you mean:shame: purse ban isn't sticking for me either.
    But if you let a deal pass you by, you'll regret it later:rolleyes: (thats what I keep telling myself anyway:s )

    Congrats on the fab. bag:yes: !!!!!