1. novelty t.jpg
    novelty t2.jpg

    I "rediscovered" a knit which was laying in my Forbidden Closet for a least a year!
    I love whimiscal and juvenile prints and this one is both!
    Any way I made a T shirt out of it with a scoop neckline because I truly do not like anything around my neck, I think I'm choking (not in a freak out sort of way, just uncomfortable and fidgety).
    Anyway, I was looking for a white linen or cotton oxford to make a blouse because I do not have enough button downs in my wardrobe and I'm not afraid of white. Well, I don't have any and now I must buy that beautiful white linen jaquard stripe I saw at fashionfabricsonline. Oops, getting off track.
    I was in sewing mode and I could not just do nothing, so I did this! Only took me a couple of hours and got me over the disappointment that I have no white cotton in my voluminous stash. I do have a pretty green, maybe I'll work that until I get the white Leno in.
    I hope you like the pics. It looks a lot better on me, but taking a picture of me which looks good is nearly impossible.
    When I hem and wash the black gauze dress I'll have Jeff take a picture of that with me in it so you all can have the full effect.
  2. Cute print, Kate.

    Your site is cool (especially the pages featuring Beaver & Co).
  3. Thanks, Passerby!
    I'll let Beaver know that you noticed the ORANGE cat and that's he's stolen some of Phoebe's attention away (she's the black one).
    I still have to take a picture of Spot (the new bunny), but I can't seem to get her to stay still long enough, except when she's using the box. Maybe when she's eating.