Which YSL Loulou: Gold Hardware OR Black Hardware?

Which YSL Loulou do you like better: Gold Hardware OR Black Hardware, and why? Which one looks dressier, fancier, a d more sophisticated? Which one is more popular? Which one is a better long-term investment and why? Which one round you choose, and why? Thank you!. 😊


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I love the black. I have 3 ysl bags and one pair shoes that are black with ghw and wish I had one with bhw. I think it's chic with a little bit more of an "edge" . And solves any dilemma about whether or not jewelry, shoes or anything else matches if you're anal about matching like I am.
I also agree that the black hardware solves the dilemma on matching shoes and etc. because it blends in with the bag already. The gold hardware is more popular for sure, but I personally like the black hardware.
I have both gold hardware and black. I do feel the gold is more dressy, rather the black is more edgy. I think both are beautiful. I always feel like a certain style bag speaks to my soul differently with every color. I always follow that feeling first. If I don’t, I always end up still thinking about that bag I didn’t get. Good luck
I have owned many YSL bags. Silver, gold, black hardware, I've had them all.

For the Loulou, I personally like it in the black hardware. I don't have a Loulou (it's too cute for me haha), but it's a bag I admire from afar. I feel that, that specific gold color does make the bag look a tad bit old.

I have a 2017 black on black envelope bag. It has held up very well. https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/ysl-envelope-bag-wear-and-tear.1062326/ I do not baby my bags. I put them on the ground. I've scraped them against my doorframe, hit them against my car door, etc. This one, especially, is my errand running bag. It has had the most wear and tear on all my bags.

In my store, if you purchased a bag within 2 years, they will replate any chipping it for free.
If it's been after 2 years, they will do it for a fee of around $200-250 USD.
I prefer black leather with gold hardware. The black on black is very chic and causal. But I like a little bit of gold shining through across my shoulders or crossbody. It's just that little bit more glam.....

I wouldn't use the LouLou for an evening event. Usually, I carry a clutch for that so it's not a dilemma for me.

Anyhow, happy shopping! :heart: :smile: :smile:
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I like the gold hardware because it will “level-up” your outfits.
When I bought niki bag last year, the SA told me that black hardware might chip if it is bumped into harsh surface (worst case).
Have you tried them on?
Thanks. 😊 I have tried the black Loulou with gold hardware before and liked it, but haven’t tried on the one with a black hardware yet. :smile:
I have black on black and I like that it can go with anything. it doesn't feel too edgy or trendy, and I think it does dress up nicely. and with the whole "quiet luxury" movement I think its actuall standing the test of time. its not flashy.
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