which would you go for?

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  1. need opinions asap!

    auctions are ending soon and i don't know which classic to go for? asked for color help earlier, but even the bag style is different! help a girl out please.

    thanks in advance! :heart:

    *photos courtesy of eBay auctions.

    PS, i know the beige is small enough to be worn as a clutch, will the pink one be too? thanks again!
    chanelbeige.jpg chanelpink.jpg
  2. I love the pink!! I think the medium classic is so classy and chic... the beige is nice, but I prefer the newer E/W style for the size that it is. I would get the pink if it were me! Good luck! :smile:

  3. thanks minal =)
  4. Oh definitely the pink one!
  5. Hmmm..that's a hard one. I really love the beige with gold hardware--it's a classic look. But the pink is really cute as well. I say, whichever one you think you would probably use the most (and matches your wardrobe), and really love. Sorry, that's not very decisive of me, is it?
  6. My vote is for the pink one!
  7. i'm going for the pink as well, but i do love both--can't go wrong with either--good luck!
  8. I love the pink one!!!!
  9. thanks, ladies! :yes:

    i guess the pink one it is!
  10. wow, GREAT finds! i'm always lurking around eBay to see if i could find something special.. nothing yet, but the two up there are both gorgeous! i reallly like the beige, i didnt know it was the older version of e/w like fiery said, but i def. like this version better. i would have a difficult time choosing too, but if the prices are right, get both!! hehe.
  11. does anyone know the serial number for this older e/w bag? i would love to get one.
  12. Yes go for the pink one!!
  13. I like the pink on better...esp because of the silver hardware and the caviar leather:love:
  14. I just looked that the auction for the pink on on eBay.....the back is horribly discolored!!!! :yucky: In the auction it says:

    Please also note there is a slight discoloration from being on display and it has darkened slightly

    Maybe you should wait for a different bag to come on ebay? I wouldn't pay the price it's at now, and the reserve hasn't even been met.
  15. The pink bag is bigger, but I love that beige. I think it's b/c I just got a beige GST and just love it with the gold hardware.