Which would you choose?

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  1. OK, I am at a crossroads on which bag to choose. I would want one of these in the khaki and dark brown trim. I love the medium carryall, but I am a really casual girl and am afraid it will be too dressy most of the time. I also love the large hobo, but am not used to a slouchier type of bag.
    I have the legacy whiskey shoulder bag and a hamptons black satchel. I would like to get something in signature, but not sure which way to lean. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  2. The signature stripe tote is gorgeous :smile: I just ordered one in crimson, but the khaki-brown is very pretty!
  3. I like that one too, but I don't like how it closes, so I ruled that one out. I am finally down to these two bags, but can not go any further for some reason! AGGGHHHH!:cursing:
  4. I'd choose the medium carry-all over the large ergo hobo, but that's because I LOVE the carry-all design and it'll be practical for years to come.... for some reason I can't get into the ergo as much.
  5. not the ergo hobo just the regular signature hobo in the large size. I tried the ergo and it is not for me. I appreciate you taking the time to respond on this for me!

  6. I'd still go with the carry-all :yes: its shape and size will continue to be stylish even when a hobo no longer is; hobo bags have been in for a while now and I'm pretty sure theyll be out before too long-- but that's just my opinion, for what it's worth!
  7. I vote for the carry-all as well.