Which work to choose?

  1. Hi! Ever since I saw Firstclass' Chocolate Work, I know that this size and the shade are the ones I want! Now I am torn between 2 that are up fro grabs in eBay. What do you think is more worth it to buy? What are your thoughts? And who might know of a Cognac/Camel Work for sale? Would love to consider that too!
  2. Well, I'm not the biggest fan of GGH (I do like GSH), but it doesn't look bad with the bag color. The hardware is actually complimentary to it. This listing says the bag comes with its tags, dustbag and all.

    I prefer the over all look of the RH work. The handles look a bit darkened from use and it looked like there were a couple of minor little scratches on the bottom. Also, this bag doesn't come with tags etc. Does that matter to you? I have never sold my bags, but for those who do, they usually include the tags, dustbag etc. because that is what buyers are looking for. If you plan to resell it later, you may want tags etc. If you plan to hang onto it and don't need the tags, then go for it!

    Also, you may want to have both authenticated.
  3. i have seen cognac works for sale quite recently, so if that is what you really want i would wait b/c they definitely do pop up from time to time :yes:

    between the bags you posted i'd go with the truffe... only b/c the chocolate has very warmed handles, and there's something about buying a bag with blackend handles that slightly disturbs me :p ...and i agree, get them both auth. before purchasing :yes:
  4. I agree but I really like cognac such a warm and versatile color, I would wait!
  5. thank you so much all for your thoughts! they really help! I will wait!
  6. Hmm.. based on feedback.. I'd have to go with the truffle. ;)
  7. just based on color i have to say, i have a choc 05 and I love it.
  8. I think the chocolate is divine, but I would hold out for one that came with tags, etc.

    I am loving this colour too after seeing Firstclass' Chocolate Work. Now finding a Chocolate City (the work would be too large for me) is my next mission! And I am hoping to be able to get a Caramel City too ... so gorgeous!

    Good luck with your search!
  9. if you like GGH i'd go for the truffle (which is an awesome color!!)
  10. I would wait for the Cognac! That is a beautiful color brown!
  11. The only color bag that I really like the GGH in is a brown one. I'd go for the truffle, amazing price too! Did you have it authenticated yet?