Which wedding band should I choose?

  1. I need your help. After months of looking for a wedding band that would go with my ering, I finally found one. I wear my ering with a very thin pink (rose) gold band right now. Which eternity band do you think I should choose? I'm planning to wear them all together- the eternity ring goes in between the ering and the pink band.

    pink eternity ring.jpg

    white gold eternity.jpg

    and this is my ering and band


    Thanks for your help...
  2. I choose the white, it'll bring out your eternity band and it'll be a good balance.
  3. Is the first choice another rose band? If so, I like that the best. I like the idea of stacking band, e-ring and then band too!
  4. rose gold!!!!
  5. I think the white would look best. The two warmer gold bands might be distracting. The thin rose gold band that you already wear should be more of an accent piece. My opinion, of course!!
  6. I like the white one the best.
  7. You e-ring is beautiful! I would stick with one band because your e-ring is so pretty that you don't need much more bling than that. If you do decide to get another band, please don't forget to post pics! :graucho: