Which Wedding Band Part II

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  1. #1 Jun 24, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 21, 2016
    Hi all,

    I posted in the Tiffany section but then didn't get a lot of opinions so I thought I'd post it here. Some people might remember that I was struggling with choosing my wedding band from this thread a while back:

    After that I procrastinated a little bit but because I only have a couple more months to decide I've been back at it.

    I've decided I do not want the DeBeers band anymore, because of a number of reasons. The service at DeBeers (at least when I went) was pretty terrible when I visited the second time. It actually became a pretty big deal and both my fiance and I were really upset. The other reason was that because the diamonds were on the sides as well that it would eat into my platinum band too much (maybe not immediately, but eventually).

    I went back to Tiffany and found a SA that I absolutely love. Also love Tiffany for the after service. I've now narrowed down to two. I cannot decide!! Any comments/opinions are welcome. I apologize in advance for such huge pictures as I don't know how to resize them. And sorry for my hairy fingers! lol.

    I'm down to either the:

    1) shared setting band 3mm half eternity


    2) jazz band (alternating sizes of stones)


    just played around and stacked the rings for fun :smile:


    My own thoughts:

    Initially I really liked the jazz band with my engagement ring because I thought it was more unique and complemented my engagement ring. It sparkled but still made my main stone pop. Also looked really nice when stacked with other plain bands, if I wanted to spice things up. But I thought wearing it alone was not "bling"/substantial enough because it IS my wedding band. I also considered the shared setting in 2.2mm but thought it was too thin for my taste when worn alone. I do love the 3mm because it gives me more bling when worn alone and sits nicely with my engagement ring but don't know if it would be too much, and took attention away from my engagement ring when worn together. I love that I am getting the classic look that Tiffany advertises over and over again.


    What do you guys think? :smile: Appreciate all comments!
  2. Definitely 1) shared setting band 3mm half eternity! It's the quintessential Tiffany wedding set. ^^ I don't think the 3 mm wedding band outshines your solitaire at all. The set looks very elegant on your hand. I think the jazz band would look better without anything covering (i.e., center stone of e-ring) it so that the pattern of alternating diamond sizes can be readily seen.

    Btw, do you know how many diamonds are in the 3 mm half eternity you're wearing, and the total carat weight? Also would you mind sharing your ring size? Thank you!
  3. Definitely Nr 1! Looks great together with the ring but also great on its own
  4. number 1!!! the jazz is too contemporary for your ering, imo
  5. hi there! :smile: I think it is 7 stones a total carat weight of 0.57. My ring size is 4!
  6. Love #1! So classic and beautiful!
  7. Number 1 for sure
  8. #1 - Classic
  9. Definitely #1!!!!
  10. #1
  11. #1
  12. Definitely #1! It's the classic Tiffany ering/ wedding ring combo :heart:
  13. Definitely #1..
  14. #1
  15. Go for the classic...#1!
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