which wallet should i spoil myself with?

  1. im a very compact type of person, before i would stuff my phone AND cash and plastics in my mini skinny. so i dont want a huge heavy wallet, but today im thinking about these.. do you guys like them? if so which one?

    the one i think i dont like the most out of them is the 3rd in either color, but im not sure..




  2. or also while im browsing through the catalog that pebbled leather one?... too many options!!
  3. sorry was a double post!
  4. I like the 3rd and 4th one. Something about the buckles....so cute!

    I personally prefer checkbook wallets but they're so pricey!
  5. my next wallet will probably be a check book wallet, im currently looking for a fun cover for that but separately since i wont really need one when i have my cash card when im running quick errands or something.
  6. I would get the first one, only because it has a zipper pocket for coins instead of a flap pocket.
  7. not a tied dye fan.

    I say go with #4 that brown is so yummy!

    or the pebbled leather-Im a big fan of that pebbled leather.
  8. as much as I don't like the "run over by a car" look, I'm voting on #1. I like that look in smaller pieces, and a wallet like this would be cute :smile:

    I personally am driven nuts by wallets that don't have that plastic slot for my ID card to go into and therefor, my wallet choices are limited by coach. Oh well...take pics when you decide & get one!! :smile:
  9. i think i will cross out the third one, and fourth one not so sure about, maybe ill spring for the pebbled when i need a check book wallet, so i guess basically do you like the sporty zip or the buckled wallet..
  10. buckled
  11. Hmm if you're narrowing it down to the first two, I say the first one. I like the buckle on it :smile:
  12. I picked the 1st one because it has a zippered coin compartment but I'd prefer it an all leather wallet.
  13. I'd go with the second one and a seperate little coin purse. I've carried a wallet that size for over a year now. My mom's been quite jealous...and she was thrilled when this one came out! I store about 8 cards in it and usually quite a bit of cash (trick is to fold it twice). Then I have a small coach coin pouch/keyfob that I keep my change in...although SOME would fit in that wallet too.
  14. I like the second one. The zip around is good if you're a compact person. They expand well and nothing gets lost. I like the aesthetics of the buckle, but I think it overwhelms a smaller wallet....
  15. I like the last two & they will go with practically anything.