Which wallet should I get for my new Chocolate Carly?

  1. I sold my large khaki/saddle Carly to get the medium Chocolate and now I NEED a wallet to go with her. :yes: Which one should I get?

    I really like this one because of the lavender leather and the legacy strips!


    I really like this one, but I am afraid of anything light colored or white :s

  2. do you like the coach bleecker in brown??

  3. I really like the choc sig bleeker wallets with the choc Carly. I have the mini and hope to have a larger one by the end of the weekend :yes: Ha ha! Great minds think alike /\

  5. This is the wallet I was going to suggest!!!!!!! I LOVE the bleecker wallets!!! I dont carry a checkbook wallet but I have the bleecker compact clutch wallet and these are GREAT wallets!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTE perfect match to chocolate Carly!!!! Congrats on the Carly BTW!!!! :tup:
  6. I still want a Chocolate Carly grrr lol I want them all
  7. I would also get the bleecker.. the sig matches the carly better, it is really cute and I LOVE the inside! (I have the same wallet in khaki/black) Also they are hitting the outlets now so between an outlet or eBay I bet you can get a good deal! :tup:
  8. me too! :graucho::tup:

  9. I like this one too. I had to return my Bleecker checkbook wallet because the buckle kept getting caught on the inside pocket of the bag and opening up.
  10. [​IMG]Def. this one! Here is a pic. of mine!
    Ebay Pics 615.jpg
  11. ITA! This would look gorgeous with a chocolate carly!
  12. I did look at the Bleeker one first because I really like the Bleeker line, but I am not a fan of pink "Gasp". The bright pink is really too much for me. If it were not for the hot pink interior, that is the wallet I would want. So, since that one is out for me, which one of the others would be a runner up for you girls? ;) I hope I am not booted off the board because I am not a pink fan :sweatdrop:

  13. NOOOO dont show me your chocolate carly its so cute with your charms and wallet to match grrrrr lol :heart:
  14. I guess the bright pink isnt for everyone....my wallet is british tan leather w/ the bright pink interior and when I open it up it makes me happy to see the bright pink and I smile!!! I'm a DORK!!!! LOL Anyway, out of those 2 you chose, I would go w/ the first one...the full chocolate siggy legacy wallet!!!! Good luck!!!!