which wallet in RA - HELP PLS

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  1. hey dear friends!
    as you know I got the alma pm in RA with the adjustable strap. now I decided to get a matchy wallet in RA next saturday... but I'm not sure which one. Zippy ore chaine wallet? on the chaine I could probably put my strAp and also use it as pouch? what do you guys think? any help is welcome!! THX!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393405299.710094.jpg
  2. zippy !!
  3. Chaine Wallet :smile:
    This way you have the option of another purse too
  4. I like the zippy, but the chaine wallet has so much more options. I say the chaine wallet!
  5. Chaine wallet ! I saw it yesterday and its beautiful. I would have liked one in black but they dont do a black version.
  6. first one
  7. Zippy
  8. Either way can't wait for your reveal ! :smile:
  9. thanks everyone! still have no clue what to get...😁 lol
  10. Zippy
  11. Chain Wallet
  12. Zippy !
  13. Chaine wallet! It's so pretty! IMO I would choose the chaine just because I already own a zippy Ikat indian rose n I find myself never using it I prefer my insolite easy to get into GL!!!
  14. I prefer the zippy to go with the alma PM. They make a good pair.
  15. hmmm it is about to end up equal🙈🙉🙉😂😂😂 H E L P! lol