which wallet do you like best? Thanks!


which everyday wallet for my (mostly lv) bags? thanks!!!

  1. pomme lv pochette

  2. zippy kate spade gold (neda)

  3. smaller kate spade gold (sonda)

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  1. I just need one wallet to go between my bags, mostly mono lv. the kate spades are under 200, the lv is 605. the lv pomme is super pretty and functional, but the kate spades are, too. i think gold works as a nice neutral with my bags, too. i figure gold or the pomme would look good no matter what bag they came out of (mono, damier, black, etc.). what do you think? thanks so much!

    the first kate spade: is like the lv zippy wallet. jane street neda

    the second kate spade: is smaller, has the id slot, and plenty of card and bill room. jane street sonda.

    the lv pomme: pretty, plenty of cards slots, cash slots, receipts... ugh! help!!!

    also, lv has great resale value, so, if i change my mind, i can always sell... however, i am looking for a long-term wallet. i don't switch.
    pomme.pochette.jpg kate.spade.jane.street.neda.jpg ks.jane.st.sonda.jpg
  2. My first inclination would be to go for the Pomme, but you have to understand the risk...Vernis you have to baby if it's a lighter color because color transfer happens really easily. I got a small spot on my Pomme Koala and I couldn't get it out. So if it's going to be an everyday wallet, you have to make sure that it never gets near something dark. The Kates wear a bit better, and i am not opposed to them, I would buy them. I just like the Pomme because it makes me feel better to look at it because it's so bright! My first choice, Pomme; second the Sonda. Hope that helps!
  3. thanks! looks like ppl like pomme over gold! :smile:
  4. Hmm, Hard call! My first instinct was the pomme LV, but I can be pretty hard with wallets and need something that I don't have to baby! So...1st choice for color is the Pomme but 1st choice for practicality is the KS Neda. I do love both and that probably didn't help you one bit:p!
  5. I prefer the Kate Spades to the LV and out of the two, I prefer the colour of this one:

  6. I like the pomme it calls to me.
  7. Thought I should point out that there are a lot of LV lovers on this forum and so, in a poll involving LV and another brand, LV invariably wins. :yes:

    IMO, you should always buy what you really like. :smile:
  8. Hey, hey hey! I love both KS and LV. In fact I am getting a red boarskin wallet for Christmas this year. And I have two LV wallets already, but not red ones.
    If you don't change wallets then I would be concerned about the vernis getting marked up and the metallic wearing on the corners.
    I always choose the smaller wallet so I can use it in more bags. Love zipped wallets, clean lines and no snap getting caught on stuff.
  9. another pomme vote here!!! it's so beautiful!!!
  10. I have the LV Pochette in red Epi leather and I absolutely adore it. I have used it exclusively for over a year and it still looks like brand new. I am now thinking of getting something smaller in the red Epi, just for the rare occasion that I carry a smaller bag because the Pochette is a large wallet. My only caveat would be the frailty of the Vernis as opposed to other leathers. Get what you love and let us know when you do...good luck!!
  11. I forgot to mention something about the Kate Spade Wallets...they are great. If you like red, check out the red Boarskin KS wallets. KS Boarskin wears like iron and will last you for years, whereas the gold may not wear as well for as long.
  12. Love the LV! That red is such a perfect red, and I love that it has a slight metallic sheen to it. And I go nuts for anything patent.
  13. I love that pomme wallet!
  14. bias, but yes the LV pomme is definetly the way to go
  15. I'm not a fan of gold and silver but I love red and Pomme is very stunning color !!