Which Vernis wallet to go with Black Neo Cabby?


Which Wallet??

  1. Koala Vernis Amarante

  2. Zippy Vernis Amarante

  3. Koala Pomme D'Amour

  4. Zippy Pomme D'Amour

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  1. So, I've got a credit at Eluxury and I'm thinking about the Koala Vernis or Zippy Vernis in Amarante or Pomme D'Amour. Help me out!! I also have the Epi Montaigne Bag in Black. I wear ALOT of black. Your opinions & advice are sooooo appreciated!!
  2. Koala Vernis in Pomme :tup:
  3. zippy in pomme! It will give some "flash" to you black wardrobe, and it is also big enough not to get lost in your neo cabby, but still small enough for everyday use.
  4. Koala Pomme D'Amour. I love the Koala and the Pomme red will pop nicely against the black cabby.
  5. Good point about the color - it will be hard to find the Amarante wallet inside of a black purse! I didn't think about that! I also want the Suhali zippy in black but Elux is out of stock and so is LV.com....
  6. I have a Black Neo Cabby and am using my Koala Amarante with it.
  7. zippy in amarante.....I love this color!
  8. The cabby is lined in mustard yellow.....you'll be able to find either color inside of it.
  9. I'd get the Amarante Zippy Wallet. :tup:
  10. As much as I love the amarante ... the fingerprints drove me crazy, so I voted for zippy pomme, that color is tdf. I like the koala style too. The zippy just works better for me because I carry alot of cards and always have receipts.
  11. pomme zippy is the best suit for your bag
  12. By the way, the Koala wallet is a perfect fit in the interior pocket of the Cabby. That's where I put mine.
  13. I love the amarante, and it's durable - I'd be afraid of the jean possibly rubbing off on lighter vernis.
  14. I love the pomme koala wallet and I've been using it heavily since it came out and it's in great condition - no problem with color transfer since then. It's a beautiful wallet and you'll be sure to get tons of compliments on either color. But the pomme *POPS.*
  15. Zippy Amarante all the way.

    The color depth is phenomenal. I have the Amarante Summit Drive and get nothing but compliments. And it wouldnt look as odd against the mustard interior at the Pomme would.