Which type of house/yard work do you enjoy the most?

  1. I've always liked sweeping the sidewalk. I don't like yardwork at all, or even spending much time outdoors, but a couple of times a year I'll spend a good hour making the sidewalk, driveway, and steps to the house just perfect. Go figure.
  2. I love to vaccuum. I do it at least once a day. I hate doing dishes though.

  3. I like gardening and more heavy duty stuff. I think I could have a lot of fun rehabbing a place. Everyday housework I don't enjoy very much.
  4. Urgh I can't stand any of it. The one that annoys me the least however is probably washing the dishes. Ironing is the WORST, I'd rather have creases in my clothes than iron them. Does painting and decorating count? That's something that I do actually enjoy in the house.
  5. I only like to plant flowers in pots. I don't like pulling weeds, I don't like cleaning and dusting...Just planting flowers in pots :smile:
  6. Oh, and what I especially hate is:

    Emptying the dishwasher!!! Ugh, I absolutely hate it. I'd much rather load it than empty. Ironing is bad too, but we don't do too much of that, since I make Bart buy wrinkle free pants and shirts, lmao :smile: We just have to give them a good tug when they're drying and they're fine!

    A lot of these German women are obsessed with ironing. I don't get it. I don't iron ANY of my clothes (they're not wrinkly, and I don't do creases in my jeans) and mine sometimes look better than theirs do. haha, my aunt even irons her underwear! :rolleyes:
  7. ^ yeah I am one of those....

    but that is because I am cotton obsessed and with cotton shirts you just got to iron them. i don't like it much but to be honest I do like ironing a very nice outfit - it is like giving yourself a manicure kwim? like when you get ready to go somewhere nice. i would never iron underwear or t-shirts or crazy things like that.

    i like the process of getting my place in the perfect condition, so I don't mind most of the things - i just can't stand it when I haven't had time for a long time and then have to catch up on so much.... :push:
  8. lol, everybody gives me this type of look :wtf: when I tell them that I don't / hardly iron anything. We don't have a dryer, so we hang a lot of our stuff outside and I've found that giving a good tug to the clothes and hanging them straight reduced the need for ironing. Now that I'm not going to school, I hardly ever wear regular clothes - mainly comfy around-the-house clothes.

    If it's something nice, I'll iron it - or if it's got major wrinkles....But I'm definitely not as picky as some of the women I know. Same thing goes with ironing towels & dish rags...I just don't do it, lol

    I tend to get the lecture from my older relatives (mainly my great aunt) who say that if I don't cook dinner every evening and iron Bart's shirts & slacks, that I'm not a good wife. Please, I'm past the 1950s mentality of what constitutes a good wife. Anyway...This is starting to veer OT :smile:

    Basically: if it needs to be ironed, I iron it...But if it's not wrinkly and looks good, it goes straight in the closet. Underwear, towels, dishrags, and socks are never ironed in our house! lol
  9. I just trimmed the hell out of one of my bushes last night...and had a blast! I am not an outdoor person at all but I had so much fun! My hands hurt so bad today (I have another bush that I need to do the same thing with) but let me tell you, this bush is trimmed to perfection!
  10. I love planting but since DH is deployed I have to mow the grass,lol.The one thing I hate is we have 3 bathrooms and I hate cleaning all three,lol.Too stubborn to let someone else do it for me though.
  11. Call me a weirdo..but I LOVE to clean my bathroom! It's always clean and organized..it gets on my SO's nerves..but I don't care. I have to clean it every other day. I also have to have a clean kitchen...its a must!
  12. Sweetpea83 I think its cause I have to clean the toliets I dred doing it.You sound like my bestfriend she hate a dirty bathroom!
  13. None.
  14. I love cleaning the kitchen and the satisfaction that comes from seeing everything all shiny and nice. After that, it kinda drops off, lol. I HATE doing the laundry, but my husband likes it, so we've got a good deal going on that!
  15. I prefer vacuuming over anything else.. but really, i don't like doing house chores at all.