Which tPFer would you match up with an H bag they don't have?

  1. Cynthia got me thinking...she told S'Mom that she thought S'Mom could rock the Maharini clutch. I started thinking of other women whose pics I've seen here, that would also look good with that clutch. Soooo... in the name of positive enabling, would you like to see someone here with a certain bag they don't have?

    I'll start:

    I think PBC could really rock a croc KP :tup:
    I think Penny would look great with a 31 Bolide:yes:
    I would love to see Rose and S'Mom with a Kelly longue or a Maharini :okay:
    What about GF with a box Plume? :idea:(Remember the pic of her in Missoni stripes?)
  2. Neat thread idea! I agree with all of yours...and I would say, as I said in the other thread:
    Rockerchick needs a Maharani.
    So does Tods123 if she doesn't yet have one.

    Hlfinn would really look great with a 35cm Kelly.
    I would love to see Icechick with a matte croc 35 Birkin.
    I would love to see ME with a matte croc 35 Birkin too actually, LOL.
    MillStream would look amazing with a croc Bolide.

    Hmm....have to think on some others.
  3. I want me to have a raisin bolide or kelly pochette.
    Raisin is absolutely TDF!
  4. luv2shophandbag I would love a Maharani.....

    I am matching up my pal RC with a Medor... really a must!
  5. I think DQ needs a fabulous vintage croc Constance... Candace needs a Raisin Kelly Longue (so classy!)... Hlfinn definitely needs a 35cm Kelly (good call Cynthia!), PBC needs a fuchsia croc Birkin, and Japster and Jag need matching croc KP's to carry on their nights out on the town with DH/Friends... I know there are more... ;)
  6. ROCKER definately with a MEDOR. Black w/Palladium.
    AVANDOME needs a Braise Croc CONSTANCE.
    WONGY must get a MAHARANI clutch in Rouge H Chamonix.
    GFwould completely ROCK a 28cm KELLY in the new LAGOON.
    JAG absolutely in a little something Blue Jean....possibly a BIRKIN.
    KELLYBAGneeds her Box Calf BIRKIN in Chocolate and RIGHT NOW!

    whew.....time out for lunch......
  7. definately a blue jean birkin for jag!
  8. Hey, garcon! *snaps her fingers*:woohoo:Round of Crocs of their choice to everyone here :drinkup::drinks:
  9. I would match annanas with a Barenia Hac :graucho: And the steal it from her :shocked:

    (okay that might count as cheating)

    I'm thinking Nola with a Constance :idea:
  10. Ilovemylife needs an Ombre Lizard KP :smile:
  11. This is a great thread! I agree, jag needs some blue jean!!!:p And a croc KP would rock my world!

    Ok, let me give this a try, there are just so many people- let me start with a few:graucho:
    Kellybag: Choco box birkin is a must
    hlfinn: I can totally see you rocking a 35cm Birkin in Raisin
    HG: you know you want some fuschia:roflmfao:
    MrsSparkles: that kelly pochette in her avatar that keeps me up at night
    Wong: Matte Graphite Croc Birkin
    gga: I can also see you with a Birkin in Raisin
    Icechick: I can totally see you with something in lizard! Kelly elan in graphite or black lizard! OMG I want one too now!

    This is dangerous. Now I want more bags.:upsidedown:
  12. :tup: Great thread by the way! See, Jag, I told you you need a croc KP. I'll tell Lisa to find you one :graucho:
  13. I wish had seen more pics or met soem tPF ladies IRL...I'm trying to picture these combos!
  14. A chocolate box birkin for Kellybag is a must!
    Jag needs a blue jean birkin, stat
    RC and a medor would be a perfect match :nuts:

    and a 32cm hac in rouge h box for me, please :shame:
  15. FleurDeLis with 32cm HAC in maroon fonce with GHW