which to get??

  1. i have a sienna day bag with giant gold hardware reserved and i can't decide if i wanna go for it or wait around for 2008's city bags since this is gonna be my first bbag and it seems that city is the default classic design to get.
    but the day bag just feels like such a comfortable bag to carry around since you can carry it on your shoulders. the city feels a bit stiff on me in the store, perhaps, it has not been broken in yet.

    now i don't know which to go for and i have to decide fast before they day gets released. how??? :hysteric:
  2. Hard decision for you, but it's your decision, you have to feel confortable with your first Bbag, and it seems to me that inside you prefer the day, isn't it? The only thing i can say is that i love sienna, it's a great colour and that day seems to be very confortable to me too. good luck on your decision
  3. if you're buying the bag for the wrong reason, it's as good as throwing away one thousand dollars. still your decision whether you want to get it for the correct, or wrong reason.
  4. You should get what you want, not whatever is most popular :yes:
  5. I was waiting for the the 08 batch to come in because I had planned to get a City and just happen to walk pass the store yesterday so I went in to check what they had left and saw the Day. I guess I sound more inclined to the Day because I've seen the actual bag
    Thanks for the replies. =)
  6. Hmmm, perhaps you should wait until you have the opportunity to try both at the same time to see which you really like best.
  7. ^^^ITA!!! You need to try both in person if you can.