Which summit drive color should I get?

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Which summit drive color should i get?

  1. Pearl

  2. Pomme

  3. Amarante

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. #1 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    Im thinking to get summit drive in pearl after priscilla has been discontinued 3 days ago. But i want you to help choosing color too. What do you think about my decision to get summit dr in pearl?
  2. Amarante all the way! It's so classy!
  3. Agreed, you can't go wrong with Amarante.. it's so subtle but in direct light it's a showstopper!
  4. Pomme!
  5. I have it in Amarante and I absolutely adore it!
  6. I think you should choose pomme or amarente.. Pearl is very hard to maintain, unless you are super carefull.. But
  7. Pomme is my favorite! So lush!
  8. I voted for Amarante..I'm so in love with that color! :yes:
  9. Pearl is lovely, but you have to be HYPER aware of that bag ALL of the TIME.

    I have a Roxbury in Pearl and yipes, worrying about where to put it down, what's brushing up next to it, what might spill on it....endless. It is lovely but I have NEVER worried so much about any bag before, and it is not my most expensive bag.

    Go for Amarante, it will change color depending on what you're wearing - gorgeous!
  10. I vote Pomme or Amarante. I think it looks fabulous in either color. Personally I want this in the Pomme since I already have the Brentwood in Amarante. You can't go wrong with either though. Good luck!
  11. I second AAdams! It is lovely in both colours, and quick frankly, they are the only colours that I like from the vernis range.
  12. I love this bag in Amarante so I say that color :yes:
  13. I prefer this bag in Pomme or Amarante. The Pearl compliments few Vernis bags.
  14. I love the sd in pomme!!!:heart:
  15. I want a SD too! LOL

    My vote is for the POMME!