Which Speedy 35? Chime in with your experiences, please!

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  1. Hi, I'd love to get your opinions on whether I should get a Speedy B 35, or a Speedy Mon Monogram 35 (no strap). The colors for the mon monogram would be navy and mustard. I am tall (5'8"), like big bags, and I already have two Speedy 30s (in DE and Azur), so I'd like to get monogram. I love the look of both of these bags, but I just can't decide! I suppose I could solve the issue by getting a Mon Mono with a strap as well but I hesitate to add both the strap and the monogram due to the expense. However, if those of you who have one with both the personalization and the strap think that it's worth it, I'd keep that in mind. TIA.

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  2. Don't compromise. Just save a little more and go with the Mon Mono and strap. Best of luck!

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  4. Might as well go big or go home. As the others before me have commented, why not spend the extra and have an awesome one-of-a-kind Speedy? It would be well-worth it in the end and all it requires is just a little more patience or compromise.
  5. Agree. I have 3 Speedy b's (one in each canvas). So much more useful with the strap. If you have your heart set on a mon mono- get the Speedy B version
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  7. First off, both of your options pictured here are beautiful. That said, buy what you Really Want and will enjoy using. I have a Classic Mon Mono Speedy and I absolutely love it! The colors you've chosen for a Mon Mono bag are classic and look fabulous together! Good luck choosing and follow your heart!
  8. Thanks everyone! Decisions, decisions!
  9. I agree, it's way more useful to have the strap on the Speedy! I think it will look great with or without the initials! Happy shopping!
  10. I LOVE my speedy b DE !!! That being said , I am looking to get a mon mon o speedy b next . If you can , save a bit and get the mon mono speedy b . If you just can not ... mon mono speedy all the way !!!!
  11. Thanks for the encouragement with the colors! I think I've matched every possible combination on the website, and looked for as many online pics and videos as I can. I'm not really into super feminine colors (Pink, purple, etc.) and am going for a "New England Fall" kind of look. :P If that makes any sense...
  12. Get the speedy B. It is a lot easier to use in my opinion. And you do not have a speedy B. Also your initial is ARS... It can pronounce quite funnily sorry not to be offensive but, just letting you know people may pronounce it as you walk pass ....
  13. I KNOW!!! But, there they are. Luckily where I live, in the US, it's not such a common word...
  14. I would get the Speedy B 35 Mon Mono. Yes, it is more pricey, but the strap makes it so much more comfortable and convenient to carry. Plus you chose some nice colors.

    I have this exact bag (but different colors) and I love that it's in the size 35, plus it's a mon mono and in a bandouliere version which makes it less common. That whole combination makes it a special bag to me.
  15. I have a Speedy B 35 in DE and I can honestly say I wouldn't want anything but the Bandouliere especially in the 35. It can get heavy so having the strap option is really nice.