Which small black kelly for "dinner and show" ?


Which kelly for going out in the evening, dinner and show kind of bag?

  1. Black box retourne Kelly, 25 cm with palladium hardware

  2. Black chevre, sellier Kelly, 25 cm with palladum hardware

  3. Black box Kelly Longue

  4. Black Kelly Pouchette

  5. Black chevre kelly wallet

  6. Other

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  1. If you had a choice of the following bags, which would you pick and why?
  2. I love the look of black box, but adore the texture and versatility of Chevre (in case you're out and it's raining) in various kinds of weather. So that is my pick.
  3. It's a tough one...I voted other because I would say to get the Black Box Kelly and the Black Kelly Wallet.
  4. Either the Chevre Kelly in case of bad weather (that was a smart thing to think of, orchids!) or the Kelly Longue.
  5. Jedi - I love my black with PH Kelly Pochette and use it as you describe "dinner and a show". Some would prefer to have the Kelly with a shoulder strap for cocktails to give them free hands. If I need to juggle a drink and a canape I put the KP under my arm. It holds a surprising amount.

    If you would prefer a Kelly option then sellier Cherve.
  6. I vote for the mini Kelly. Here's why:

  7. I voted for the Kelly Pouchette as well, as I love it. Compact good looking functional bag... delish.
  8. Jedi - what leather you thinking in a Kelly Pochette?
  9. I voted for the KP -- I am dying for one myself.
  10. Black Chevre Kelly in a heart beat because the chevre gives the bag a bit of a shine which is GORGEOUS in the evening......and a little bit sexy too....;)
  11. Oh, tough choice. I chose the Black Kelly Longue because I just love its elegant shape.
  12. Good question - Victoria Beckham's appears to be evergrain. Since she probably could have gotten any leather or option she wanted, one has to assume that in her opinion evergrain is the top choice in black for this particular bag. That carries some weight in my mind, since she does have astoundingly good taste and is a fashion icon. I think I like box too. What would you recommend?
  13. I have to admit I saw one a couple months ago and passed, and regretted it ever since.
  14. I chose 'other'. I'd recommend (from personal experience) a black box sellier Kelly - 25 or 28cm. Gold h/w for me, but I like pall on black box, too.
  15. pochette b/c you can have it sitting prettily on your table during dinner and on your lap during the show.