Which size reissue is your favorite?


Which size reissue is your favorite as an everyday bag?

  1. 225

  2. 226

  3. 227

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  1. After looking at everyone's reissues, I really love this bag! Which size is your favorite? I am looking for something that would be good primarily for day. Thanks in advance for your help!:yes:
  2. I love the 226 as an everyday bag. I have the black with silver h/w in this size. It is extremely versatile. I usually carry my long Chanel wallet, tiny umbrella, blotting tissues, lipgloss, phone, ipod, comb, other bits&pieces.
  3. can anyone give dimensions? i'm curious tooo!!
  4. Do you guys think the 225 is really more of an evening bag or can be used for an everyday bag too? I'm just thinking that if I sling the 226, it might be too big, and nicer to be carried on the shoulder. I keep looking at pictures and seems to me like the 225 will look good both ways, but may not be able to hold as much
  5. I love the 228!
  6. 226 is great for everyday use. I fit a long wallet, a lipgloss, a card holder, mobile phone, compact and even a canon ixus digicam!

    It's tight but it still closes fine.
  7. The 226 can go from day to evening.
    But my fav size is the 227, because it fits all my junk with no problem :smile:
  8. Definitely the 226. It fits the essentials, but can still be used in the evening. :smile:
  9. Love my 227. It can be worn day or evening.
  10. I find 227 to be most versatile. I love my 228 too!
  11. I love 226, and have one in the grey.

    225 is too small for me, though I am a small bag person and i don't carry a lot, but because my wallet is kinda thick and fat, and due to the double flap i cannot even close the 225!

    227 is nice and roomier but too bad it looks out of proportion on me since i am only 5'1". it just doesn't look as good as 226 on me. but if you are taller get a 227 coz it's bigger.