which shoes

  1. oooohhhh!! second one!!
  2. I love both too but I'd go with the perfo.
  3. I prefer the second pair, too!
  4. I like the first pair! Great for summer!
  5. 2nd pair. The first pair is a cotton canvas at the toe, it will get dirty :sad:
  6. I love both, but somehow the second pair is just much more striking :yes:
  7. that's the first time I've liked an LV perfo! I like it best and I can't believe it! LOL!
  8. ok, well then I guess I should get the perfo speedy too LOL or do you thing thats too much for one outfit? I think it would look good but does anyone think it would be over doing it?
  9. You have excellent taste, both are gorgeous!

    However, if you had to pick only one go for the 2nd one!
  10. Second.
  11. I tried both on. The first pair are gorgeous, especially if you have a tan and way lighter for the season (my first choice). When I tried on the perforated pair, I felt like my toes looked like french fries sticking out of the box from Mcdonalds but it was perforated LV box. Do I sound nuts or can you see what I mean with the way the cut of the shoes is designed. I just didn't like all of my toes sticking out like that. It was just not a flattering shoe Imo, and too dark which made my leg look heavy.
  12. I would go with the first pair and STAR, you comments made me LOL!!!:lol:
  13. i like the first one much better, i just saw the perf IRL and i didnt like it at all, but then again i don't really care for any of the perf line