Which red should I pick?

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Which red should I keep?

  1. Miss RV Twiggy

  2. Miss Tomato First

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have recently received my RV Twiggy from RDC and she is in near MINT condition, no patina to speak of, even the corners are 9.5/10! The leather is thick and evenly saturated and swooshy. I really love her but she is a tad big for my needs.

    I may have the opportunity to purchase a new Tomato First which is my favourite style.

    What should I do?
  2. Tomato!!... I keep the Twiggy! LOl!
  3. Miss Tomato of course!!!!!!!

  4. Tomato coz I love it over RV!!!
  5. I adore RV -- it's my favourite red -- but if the First is the style you love, go with the tomato.
  6. RV is a better red than tomato IMO how about hold out for a RV first?
  7. tomato! :tup:
  8. I will choose based on which red suits my colour palette better since the bag size difference is not huge. Personally I like RV more.
  9. sorry if i sound dumb but is RV rouge vermillion or rouge vif?
    if vif..i say VIF..only becuase i haven't seen tomato in real life
  10. Tomato hand down for me!
    Just love the true red!

    Though can't go wrong with VIF too :smile:
  11. RV Twiggy! RV's such a rare and deep red! Or can you have both since the styles are different. You can use the twiggy for overseas trips!
  12. Tomato, since it's your favorite style!
  13. this is so funny... at the gtg last month, beaux brought her RV City and I had my Tomato Day. They weren't terribly different... in fact, we both have tomato coin purses and hers looked like my bag and mine looked rouge vif. I don't think the color between these two is something to think about, but the size is. If you like smaller, definitely go for the first!! :tup:
  14. lol... thanks all for your input. the leather on my rouge vif is absolutely TDF. unlike some of the bad leathers from 06, this is so thick and chewy. that's why it's hard to let go of her. what is tomato isn't as saturated? or as thick and soft! argh! decision decision!
  15. Your favorite style is First...go for it!!!:tup: