Which purse? Elisha, Meredith or Julia?

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  1. I just pre-ordered the Elisha in blonde from Neiman Marcus and the Julia in black python and Meredith in blonde are on their way from Bluefly (I got both of those for $350 each - is that a good price)?

    I can't really afford to keep all these bags. Which of these do you like best and why? I'm looking for something that's versatile and won't look dated after 1 season.
  2. I think that is a good price- the lowest I think I've seen is around $270 for those bags and that is not often. Out of all of them, I'd keep the Elisha. That is one my favorite Koobas and that style is simple enough that it won't look dated. I think that bag has good staying power!
  3. Hi! I'm new to Kooba, I only have a Meredith in slate, so I'll vote for the Meredith! I actually saw the blonde on Bluefly and was showing it to a friend of mine trying to convince her to get it! I love my Meredith! It's really roomy, the leather is so soft and smooshy and I like the versatility of carrying on the shoulder or using the detachable strap!