Which Print for the Pochette accessorie clutch?

  1. Looking to buy a LV clutch that I can use as a day clutch into evening and cant deciede what print to buy ...

    Classic LV print
    Azur check
    black/tan check

    Currently I own 6 LV bags and all except one are the classic LV monogram and a vernis piece, so I dont know if I am overdoing it by getting ANOTHER LV monogram?

  2. I'd go with either Damier Azur or Damier (I guess you meant to say this when you say black/tan check right?...lol). The Azur has more of a fresh vibe to it and is more for daytime than night imo...
  3. Damier would be great for day to evening use.
  4. I prefer Damier over Monogram. And the Azur just gives a little more punch. But I would try and see which one goes more with your wardrobe between Ebone Damier and Damier Azur....but definitely Damier!
  5. Get Damier Azur!! I have it and loveee it and I get compliments on it all the time from non-LV lovers! It just so cuuute!
  6. I love the Azur, such a great color combo.
  7. Since you already have alot of monogram in your collection, I'd get something different and go with the DAMIER (1st choice) or DAMIER AZUR (2nd choice).
  8. Damier Ebene