Which pochette to hunt down???


Which pochette

  1. Cherry Blossom Pochette

  2. Fushia Perforated Pochette

  3. Something else...

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  1. I'm torn between the Cherry Blossom Pochette (Pink/Brown) and the Fushia Perfo pochette.......sigh....decisions decisions.:girlsigh:

    Which one do you prefer and what did they originally retail for???

  2. Cherry Blossom Pochette (Pink/Brown)
  3. Cherry Blossom Pochette
  4. Same here, Cherry Blossom
  5. I am a HUGE fan of pink/pink Cherry Blossom pochette!:love: But pink/brown is my second favorite!!!
  6. Cherry Blossom!:yes:
  7. I love the red/creme CB pochette but they seem to be harder to find or more expensive than the other CB colors.
  8. if it between both, i would second the CB pochette.
  9. Graffiti Pochette!!!
  10. i LOVED the Cherry Blossom after they were all sold out and i was hunting for the pochette for the longest time, i gave up and got mini address book instead..... it's pink on pink, the cutest thing ever!! you'll love it if you get it. :P

    although.....after seeing my cerise zipped wallet start to wear off (cherry faces are starting to scrape off all over the place, it might have been rubbed off in my cherry speedy (now, this one isn't as bad as the wallet, but there are some cherries with scars!! ouch!) i only used this wallet less than 10 times, i'm very very upset about that. :rant:

    you'll LOVE the fushia perforated pochette, it's very cute! and you don't have to worry about those cute prints to come off, you'll be able to enjoy it longer....i think. :tender:
  11. i vote perfoo! :yes: :heart:
  12. CB ! Personally, I prefer the pink on pink one, it's so girly - I love it !
  13. Any cherry blossom is good with me!
  14. Thanks for the suggestions guys!!!
    I do agree with Sophia618 that the perfo would probably hold up to the most wear...but I can't seem to find a real fuschia one for a decent price....sob...but if anyone happens to see one, be sure to let me know lol!!!
  15. Cherry Blossom pochette!! I have two of them, brown/pink & pink/pink. The retail price of mine was $425.