Which pen: LV Nails agenda pen OR Tiffany purse pen?

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  1. I was wondering what pen writes better the LV nails agenda pen or the Tiffany and Co purse pen (the blu laquar one that fits in the small agenda)? TIA
  2. Not sure which one writes better.. but the Tiffany pen is much more economical than the nails pen.
    I will be looking for that one myself soon!
    Best of luck deciding!
  3. Not sure which writes better, but I prefer the Tiffany pen in terms of price. Although both of them are gorgeous. I'm also considering the Tiffany pen once I get a hold of my agenda that I ordered. I'm not sure if I could handle paying $200+ for a pen though.
  4. ^ Agreed!
    I say the Tiffany pen.
  5. I like the Tiffany pen.
  6. Tiffany pen. Although I don't really prefer ballpoint as opposed to the fine ink ones, so I just tuck a fine ink one in the patch pocket of my bag.
  7. tiffany baby!!
  8. I have an LV pen (not the nails though) but that Tiffany purse pen is very tempting. I love the blue color.
  9. I guess I'm a bit biased since I use a Tiffany purse pen with my agenda.
  10. I love the Tiffany blue pen best.
  11. I own both the blue Tiffany pen and an orange Nails agenda pen. Honestly, the Tiffany pen writes better. :smile:
  12. I hv the tiff pen & love it! once lost it & went right out and bought another
  13. Tiffany pen! I use one in my LV agenda and I love it! :yes:
  14. tiffany pen
  15. I Looooove my tiffany blue purse pen. Can't speak for the LV one, but I would recommend the Tiffany one.