Which pair would you choose? Help me pick!

  1. I'm looking for a new pair of basic, black pumps.
    I like both the Gucci Betty Platform Pump and the Prada Platform Pump equally. They both feel good (although, it's always hard to tell until you actually wear the shoes for more than just a few minutes!). I'm leaning towards the Prada, but want more opinions.

    If both fit you well, which ones would you choose?



  2. When I tried to look, it just showed the website countdown?
  3. The site is down until midnight, pacific time, for their sale.
  4. Ahhh that would be why! OP did you save a pic of them you could post?
  5. Didn't save a pic, but the site is back up now.

    Sorry about that!
  6. It is difficult to say without seeing them on YOUR feet, but I think I like the Gucci pair a little more.
  7. I like the toe area on the Prada's more - it's more almond and less clunky imho
  8. Prada
  9. I like the pointier toe on the Prada better, if this is your main pair of black pumps. Depends on what kind of shoes look best on you.
  10. +1
  11. Thanks for the replies. I see that you ladies and I think alike. :graucho:
  12. I agree about needing to see them on your feet but by going off the photos alone, I'd choose the Pradas.
  13. I like the Gucci myself!
  14. Prada!!
  15. Prada.