Which one??

  1. I want a medium carly.

    Do I get the black signature or black leather. Keep in mind I own only leather so far.
    Question about the signature... Does it fray? The one I tried in the boutique was kinda pulling on top. Is that normal???
  2. Tikilove81, you don't do signature! :smile: Get the leather!!! (My leather Carly is on the truck for delivery today!)
  3. I have the medium leather one and love it.
  4. I prefer sig over leather but I must say the leather is beautiful and so soft like butter!!

    Get the leather!

    Now if they had made the choc sig carly in brown leather, I prob would have gotten that one over the sig for sure!
  5. I love the leather but I am always hassled for spending so much $$ on my bags but no one even knows that its COACH. DH, and my mom just don't understand!!!
  6. I think you should go with the signature carly since you have mostly leather pieces. ;) I want to get the signature carly myself but am waiting until it goes to the outlet.
  7. If you love the leather than pick that one. The signature is not that much cheaper. And no, it is not normal for the signature to fray -- I have lots of sig bags and none of them have ever frayed.
  8. Get the leather!!!! It will last longer and it's not much more expensive. (i shouldn't really advise you on this one though because I always love the leather ones over the sig ones)
  9. Leather - though I always choose leather over sig. But it sounds like you do too, so you'll be happier that way. Whenever i buy sig thinking I'll try it, I never keep it. I was getting my nails done today and I saw at least 5 women with signature bags. One was a black/white sig stripe tote, the rest were khaki sig in some way, shape, or form. I'm also pretty sure one was fake. I loved having my pretty little Patent Leather Ergo Tote with me. Who cared if none of them new it was Coach - I didn't care. I was just glad i didn't look like every other woman in there.
  10. in black, definitely the leather.

  11. I don't care either if no one knows. My DH says "If I am going to pay that much for a coach, make sure everyone knows it" LOL...... Gotta love men!
  12. I think the black signature is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    But, I love the leather too.


    If you already have a black leather bag-- go for the signature.

    I have had a signature bag for 3 years now-- and it still looks like I bought it yesterday. :heart:
  13. Go for the leather! The you can hardly see the Cs on the black on black signature. You might as well get the leather if you can only tell when the light hits it. Now don't get me wrong, but (with the more contrasting signature that has darker Cs than the backround) do you really want to shout to the world that it is a coach? In my mind it makes you more of a target for bag snatchers. What you really want is that you know what it is and you still impress the right people: those who really know luxury items even if they can't pinpoint the brand name. It's called stealth wealth. I understand that the Cs are beautiful, but I would pay the extra $50 for leather.
  14. Personally I prefer signature, but I also prefer the brown tones.. I would get what you want and what you are going to wear.. but I kind of agree with your hubby, if I am spending that much for the "name" I want it to show it is a coach... I dunno :confused1:
  15. def get the leather..your a leather person!!!